Scholarship Charlotte Pointeaux Life Coach

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching, and that every person is incredibly deserving of finding powerful inspiration, to be witnessed and heard, and to be supported in a safe and non-judgmental space.

I believe coaching should be inclusive, not exclusive. 

I believe in social justice, in listening to and honouring every individual

and acknowledging their truth, whilst recognising my own privilege. 

I am committed to my own learning, and have been studying Culturally Inclusive Language with Aboriginal teacher Louise O'Reilly, and I have learnt from other teachers around gender inclusion, diversity and creating safe spaces for those identifying as LGBTQIA+ and/or Transgender, Gender Diverse, Non-Binary (TGDNB).

I am passionate about empowering all womxn to raise up and create change as part of their own legacy, and seek to hold safer spaces for all people to do so. 

 And so I am committed to offering a scholarship comprising

a 3 month 1:1 coaching offer:


The scholarship will be awarded to a womxn who:

  • Identifies as belonging to a minority group or who is experiencing significant financial / other hardship.

  • Is brimming with energy, desire, and burning passion to create change in the world -for themselves, their family, their community and the world at large. 

  • Is ready to roll - she has a vision, is deeply committed to the work involved in attending 6 full sessions, and is serious about exploring her desires, dreams and purpose. 

Applications are taken year-round with one place offered just once a year. If you would like to apply for this scholarship please complete the application form below. 
I hope that you feel comfortable sharing with me more about you and why you believe you should be the recipient of the next scholarship above other applicants - because it's important to me that this is awarded to someone who is ready to commit to a 3 month coaching experience and someone with an inspired vision to create powerful change for themselves, their family and beyond.
I recognise that coaching also requires your full commitment and hard work to create transformational change - not just mine. And in turn I commit to showing up with my open heart and soul to guide you and in turn be guided by you with the highest integrity. 
I CANNOT wait to work with you!
Thank you,