Hey 2020, what a wild ride so far...


So much change in the world as we know it.

Who knows what else this year will bring?


We've had bushfires, floods, and now a global pandemic to contend with. 


The kids are returning to school.

Work has dried up for so many, or got busier than ever for others.

Holidays, catchups and all activities are off. 

And toilet paper is like gold dust!

Now that w're contemplating our re-emergence in the world,  

what was already a very full life just got a whole lot more chaotic.


You've been physically distancing, our pace of life slowed right down,

You've just got your head around working from home with kids around 24/7

And suddenly you're supposed to be slipping straight back into keeping up with busy schedules.

You're not sure what you want your new normal to look and feel like, 

but you are worried that life will return to the old, unhelpful ways. 

Not surprisingly, any opportunity for meaningful self-care time, 

a precious, sacred moment just for you

feels almost impossible to come by.



But, you feel that self-care has always felt like a cute buzzword...

A cliché, even.

All bubblebaths, pamper days, and superficial fun that somehow only end up making you feel worse,

Empty, guilty, even - not better.

Not realistic for you to do as a busy woman, mother, professional...

Especially whilst you're on the clock 24/7 mothering, trying to work from home,

and hold down all the things you've got going on. 

Let's face it, it feels just too hard to think seriously about, right?


And even if you did want to dive in, you don't really know where or how you'd start

putting together a meaningful self-care practice.

You're not even sure what you like anymore, what feels good, or what you REALLY need. 

And so your self-care practice fell off the bottom of the to-do list,

and it's stayed there ever since. 


Now, in the midst of this pandemic, you're finding yourself feeling EXHAUSTED,

overwhelmed, confused, anxious, and a bit lost.


Of course you are -why wouldn't you! It's only natural when the world as we know it

crumbles, and change is occurring at breakneck speed,

and there is simply no let-up.

And at the same time, you're realising that you don't know how to support yourself through this rollercoaster, and you really wish you could just feel at peace, grounded, calm for a day. 

This is exactly where your 


comes in to play


Sacred Self-Care is anything but a fluffy waste of time.

It includes intentional, holistic wellness rituals that support & soothe your whole being,

including your physical body, your nervous and energetic systems, your mind, soul,

and emotional body.

It offers you tools to bring calm, joy, wellbeing, pleasure, connection, and deep self-love.

Sacred self-care explores your light and shadows. Your strengths and your wounds.

And celebrates your beautiful cyclical feminine nature.​

It's personalised, curated, intentionally crafted to simply soothe you, helping you to feel grounded, aligned and capable.

And it can be so simple, easy, quick to integrate daily if you know how!



Let's imagine here for a second...

How reassuring would it feel to know that no matter what the day brings,

you have practical, simple, soulful tools to support you through it? 

How much of a relief would it be to take the guesswork & thinking out of which self-care practices

you could draw on as you flow through your month? And have an easy way to remember to actually do it each day, even with kids present?

How beautiful might it be to know & appreciate yourself more deeply,

both the light and the dark within you, and to feel the seed of self-love emerging inside?

How bold might it feel to accept in your mind, body and soul

that your devotion to your own self-care is incredibly important,

and that supporting yourself means your whole family is supported?


If this resonates, then I invite you to breathe deep into your wisdom, your knowing,

and remember how worthy you are of being a priority, and being looked after.

How about, instead of having nothing left for yourself all the time,

you take this opportunity with both hands & your whole being, and

you claim what was always yours: 

the right to take up space & time, and be supported.

To ​reconnect with all that you are.

To find alignment with your feminine gifts, your intuition, and be devoted to your sacred self-care. 

To remember how to hear your intuition & give yourself what you need.

And you’re realising that right now is definitely the best time to do this work.


If you win - your whole family wins too!


You feel in your bones it's possible, but you just don't know where to start. 

You're just not quite sure what's possible, and how to make it happen, 

because there's simply too much other stuff happening for you to find quiet alone time to prioritise you. 

You're lacking clarity, confidence, and encouragement.

Luckily, that's where I come in!




''​ Radiant Woman"

A unique 6-week Sacred Self-Care Activation experience.

Meet your intuition, sovereignty & self-worth to explore:


... How to practice meaningful, sacred self-care that is simple, soulful & supportive to you,

... How you can live in harmony with your powerful feminine energy, and enjoy your womanly gifts!

... How you can self-soothe through practices which support you emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually to help you show up as your best self each day.

Activate your intuition, confidence and worth as you learn to turn towards

what feels good to you.


Our sacred coaching container includes:

For you to complete and return to me before we get started.
This helps us both get clear on what's missing from your life,
what self-care looks like to you right now,
and how you deeply desire self-care to support you to feel in yourself.
The perfect opening ceremony to your coaching experience.
 In this time we'll connect as sacred partners in this journey & explore your Clarity Questionnaire to uncover magickal insights into what's waiting to unfold for you.
I'll share a grounding meditation and Oracle guidance with you for bonus support.
Taken from my beautiful, in-depth book 'Simply Sacred Self-Care', I share a series of explorations to guide
Understand what sacred self-care is beyond the fluff, discover your self-care archetype, and be supported as you dig into true self-devotion.
Featuring meditations, journal prompts, suggested sacred self-care ritual ideas for you to explore,
a guide to help you create sacred space for yourself,
plus tools to help you integrate your sacred self-care practice throughout the month
for optimal wellness throughout the month.
And even better - I am on hand until your final session to support you to explore your own sacred self-care practice that suits you. With my guidance you'll learn to create something that sticks, and works!
A sacred opportunity for heartfelt, ecstatic dreaming.
Together we'll explore heartfelt, soulful and potent intentions that ignite your inner magick,
inspire beautiful self-love, and gift you sharp clarity. 
This session is about helping you feel confident and empowered in the ways you need support most.
Receive loving yet solid encouragement as you take each step forward, 
knowing that you're so supported on this journey towards your own sacred self-care mastery.
A chance to share your progress & achievements, and receive additional guidance
through your challenges and opportunities.
Held a fortnight after your 90 minute session, we'll check in with your journey so far. 
You'll receive guidance and coaching where you need it, to help you feel confident
and capable as you continue putting your learning into practice. 
A chance to consciously close your coaching experience, and celebrate all that you have achieved.
A fortnight after your coaching session we'll gather for the final time.
We'll review your journey so far, and you'll receive guidance and coaching where you need it.
You'll leave your coaching experience behind feeling confident, clear and capable
of practicing sacred self-care everyday to bring you back to balance, to feeling well,
and supported to be the best woman and mother you can be. 
Additional practical and loving support including:
Unlimited email and Voxer support directly from me in between sessions.
Relevant digital resources, audio recordings and guided meditations as needed to support you.

You can have all this 1:1 support, teaching, and tools to keep forever

(worth over $800!)


It's your's at this time for

just $498

that's just $83 per week!! 
and yes of course my love - a payment plan is available, let's chat about what works for you.

 "Charlotte helped me realise that loving boundaries need creating in order to find balance. While I was pushed far out of my comfort zone, Charlotte was there to guide and support me while I made the big changes that were required to improve both my personal and business life. ​Charlotte has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and heard. She holds space for you without judgement and connects wholeheartedly.

I am more confident, assertive, thoughtful & compassionate towards others AND myself."


Cass Wallace,

Business Owner and Mama 

Hey lovely, I see you. 

You’ve read all there is to read, but yet, you’re holding back from taking the next step and tapping that button to get in touch.

Why not reach out and ask me any lingering questions you might have?

With your hand on your heart, I believe you know you want in, but you're just not sure

you can make real change for yourself. 

I know it's possible. I've experienced it for myself. 

And now I'm here to gift you the same life-changing magick.

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