Simply Sacred Self-Care: (Ebook)

Simply Sacred Self-Care: (Ebook)

Want to learn how to optimise your sacred self-care to powerfully align with your menstrual and moon cycles?


'Simply Sacred Self-care' is a beautiful, inspiring and warm hug of a read that helps you reclaim your personal cyclical nature, and to live in harmony with your changing nature instead of fighting against it.


This ebook plus guided meditations invites you to ask yourself what you need - and gives you tools to nourish yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually across your menstrual cycle, or moon cycle if you don't have a period.


Learn to chart your menstrual cycle so you get familiar with your own unique cycle - and understand how to harness and nourish your body, mind and spirit across each of the ever-changing seasosn of your cycle.


When did self-care get so overused as a buzzword? I believe at it's core it's extremely powerful, when you're able to look within for answers and give to yourself all you need, instead of looking to and relying on external sources.


Cultivate trust in your body, learn to turn up your inuition, confidence, resilience and creativity by zoning in on your own sacred cyclical self-care practice.


Featuring grounding and embodiment meditations and practices, a quiz to meet your inner archetype, ideas for nourishing sacred rituals to integrate into your own practice, and an extended guide to charting and working with your menstrual / moon cycle and detailed cycle practices aligned to each phase of your cycle.



  • Using the moon cycle or menstrual cycle as a framework, you're taken on a journey to connect inwards to your divine feminine Goddess.
  • Uncover your self-care archetype and explore 60 suggested rituals for mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, and curate your own self-care menu comprising only those which feel authentically soothing to you.
  • Explore 5 guided meditations, affirmations and rituals,
  • and 35 intuitive journaling prompts to take you deeper into your shadow, to bring insights around what you need, dream of, desire and what your purpose and gifts are.


Lean into your personal feminine power and deepen your resilience and capacity to self-soothe, to mother, and to show up in the world with more presence, grounding, and clarity.


This guide is so much more than bubble baths and clean eating - this is real, deep, rounded sacred cycle-based self-care.


    "Your e-book is FULL!!! Full of love, full of insight, full of wisdom, full of power and full of very rich resources... It's amazing."

    - Renee


    "If you’re like me you are probably sleep deprived, running on empty and the idea of carving out some self-care/“me” time is about as likely as a trip to Jupiter, then this beautiful guide and e-book has your name on it! 

    Thought provoking, gentle and educational (check out her moon cycle section - every woman should know this), Charlotte is the coach every Mama needs. This book gives you the permission and confidence to put yourself first so you have the energy, patience and love to care for you and your family. A must read!"

    - Sara Dobson, BEST BIRTH CO.




    • 5 x Meditations, affirmations and a moon ritual audio recordings,
    • 35 powerful intuitive journal prompts plus a quiz helping you to drill down towards what your heart and soul need most,
    • An in-depth guide to aligning your self-care and life to the moon / your own menstrual cycle to help you get the pre-planning out the way, making it super easy to get the self-care you need across the month. 
    • 60 simple yet effective, soulful and nourishing sacred self-care rituals for you to have fun trying out, and deciding which truly feel good to you. 
    • And much, much more!! 

    This is not your fluffy, clichéd, lip-service paying basic guide to self-care. This goes way beyond bubblebaths and manicures, deep into healing, transformational sacred self-care to support you to feel more confident, happy, powerful, capable, and resilient. 


    Let me cheer you along on your journey, and help you explore the guide and make it work for you. When you purchase the book, you receive not just the guide and the audios, but a series of loving emails from me helping you to keep making progress, and overcome any obstacles in your way. Ask me your questions, and let me help you be accountable on your way to thriving.  


    Available now, grab your guide and invest in yourself, so you can feel, live, mother and be well through simply sacred self-care.


    So much love to you. Here's to you unlocking your personal power, resilience, purpose and joy. 


    Charlotte x


    Charlotte Pointeaux is a Certified Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach, Sacred Circle Facilitator, trained Youth Mentor, and creator of First Moon Circles. She's also a self-professed moon lover, dreamer, passionate sacred self-carer, and mama of 3 little ones. 

    As a cycle coach, Charlotte supports women to unlock your amazing purpose, productivity, health and dreams and to live in flow and devotion to your feminine cyclical nature - instead of fighting against it.


I acknowledge the sovereignty of the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live, the Gundungurra people, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and future. This respect extends to First Nations people I work with and welcome. 

All people of all identities are welcome here, and I am committed to holding a safer, inclusive and anti-racist space for all people of all identities relating to race, gender, ability and access.

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