A First Moon Guide for Girls and their Parents (Ebook)

A First Moon Guide for Girls and their Parents (Ebook)

'A First Moon Guide for Girls and their Parents' is a 22 page illustrated resource designed to simply and clearly explain to t(w)een girls what they can expect to experience during puberty and at the onset of their first period (menarche). This is the guide full of practical tips, essential knowledge and simply explained women's wisdom that you wish you'd had access to as a girl. 


This First Moon Guide ebook features simple to understand terminology, a guide to eco/body friendly period products, self-care, cycle awareness and the changes that happen before and during menstruation, this will be a fantastic go-to-guide for now and years to come. 


Ideal for:

  • Girls themselves to read and keep, for whenever they have a question or to remember that their body is normal, yet amazing, and
  • For parents unsure of how to raise this topic with their daughters.
  • A niece, friend, or any young person you wish to have happy healthy periods.


This guide is given to all participants who attend a First Moon Circle as part of their ticket. It's now available to purchase by itself for anyone seeking quality, well-presented information that goes beyond the basics of school education, and incorporates self-care into cycle awareness. This is written for girls, but will educate women alike. 

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