When Burn-out Bites, Stop and Smell the Roses

Updated: Mar 15

Our culture glorifies busy.

“Oh you’re such a busy bee” “Work hard, play hard." "Rest is for the wicked." “Earn your keep”

I've come to the end of a major cycle in my business after wrapping up my First Moon Circle Facilitator Training, 3 months with a 1:1 client, and holding what might be the last circle for the year - all within 3 days of each other.

And instead of feeling elated, on top of the world, so incredibly proud and CELEBRATING the hell out of it all, I'm finding myself in forced isolation at home due to COVID, experiencing broken websites and now a broken phone, feeling flat and frustrated.

You see, I've been journalling today and unravelling why I've been finding it so hard to celebrate my amazing achievements. I've received the most amazing feedback from the facilitators and I seriously couldn't be more delighted with how its all gone. BUT I'm feeling myself stuck in that lull phase between projects.

Sound familiar to you?

It's because we glorify busy. We celebrate and applaud full schedules and never-ending creation. We idolise those who are always on the go, always running around, always showing up and being everything to everyone.

As a culture we just don't do rest well at all, do we.

If we don't slow down, we burn out. If we don't jump off the hamster wheel, life passes us by without us really living.

If we don't stop and smell the roses, we won't appreciate the fruits of our labour, and we end up missing out on what we really want, what really matters, and the point of our life entirely.

And yet rest - that quiet reflective space in-between - is absolutely essential for new life, new work, for health and innovation. Your worth is not defined by your busyness. It's defined by the quality of what you do, which can only be improved by decent and consistent rest.

Cycle awareness for me has been a game changer because it's taught me the absolute value of rest, and has given me the authority to tune out all the (inner and outer) voices that want to call me lazy.

Honouring the cycles within me and around me has helped me reframe success, and my sense of self-worth. No longer do I measure myself by my outputs, but I instead value my quality of life by how much REST I allow myself to take and enjoy. Without placing any expectation or needing to get anything out of that rest!!

It is a practice. I am clearly still learning. But I believe that re-defining success not by our output or productivity but by how much we integrate meaningful rest time is one of the foundations to feeling happier, more fulfilled, and healthier.

Whether you bleed or not, living by the cycles can remind you of this. Flowers don't bloom all year. You don't either. It's New Moon today, the hallmark of the rest phase, the perfect time for resting and taking a great inhale, before the new cycle begins.

If you struggle with rest, feel you need to be hyper productive and giving all the time, and feel like you have no time for yourself, I can support you to work through this. And I'd love to - helping you ditch the programmed beliefs of what a successful, worthy woman looks like floats my boat, baby!

Curious? Read what's on offer at https://www.charlottepointeaux.com/coaching and to line up a chat with me. I'd love to support you to find more time for yourself, your self-care, your creativity and your rest!

Happy New Moon lovely, take it easy,

Charlotte xxx

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