What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA)?

Updated: Mar 15

I'm sat here at the beginning of our break period in the First Moon Circles facilitator training and integrating all the reasons why my 1:1 coaching, circles, trainings and books focus totally around menstrual cycle awareness as the key to unlocking personal sovereignty, freedom, empowerment, wellbeing, healing and pleasure...

It's because the menstrual cycle holds the keys to unlocking our greatest potential health, empowerment, pleasure, purpose and self-knowing possible!

I mean, imagine if we were given a map that explained how our bodies changes across the month, why its happening, and how to get the best out of it...

Imagine if you knew why your moods, cravings, pain, and energy waxed and waned across the cycle - not randomly - and you could stop feeling at the mercy of your period!

No more:

- suffering with PMS and outrageous mood swings

- painful, heavy periods

- headaches or migraines that seem to come each month