What Is An Intuitive Life Coach & What Can I Expect From Coaching?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

By Charlotte Pointeaux, Certified Womxn's Life Coach, Sacred Circle Holder and author of Simply Sacred Self-Care

I'm a Certified Intuitive Life Coach... but throwback to not very long ago and I really wasn't clear on just what a Life Coach is. Let alone the difference between coaches and how they can really support you.

There are so many coaches out there, each doing their own thing in their very own way. It can be confusing so I wanted to clarify exactly what a coach is and is not, who I am as an intuitive coach.

Firstly its so important to be clear what a life coach is NOT.


Counsellors are trained mental health professionals who for one treat mental health conditions, explore past experiences including trauma, and delve into why you might have recurring behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back from thriving.

Coaches are not qualified mental / health practitioners.

So first things first - if you're working with a counsellor or psychologist, or have unresolved trauma or an untreated mental health condition, a coach isn't the right support for you at this time. It's recommended that you gently seek professional mental health treatment before starting to work with a coach.


Instead of demystifying what happened and why in your past, a coach looks to the present and future to help you manifest your most desired life and relationship to yourself (aka self-love).

I for one, am myself trauma-informed, and hold space for whatever may arise for you during coaching to be explored. Not all coaches hold this awareness or empathy however so do choose your coach wisely. It's inevitable that many of you may have experienced trauma, if you look at the statistics, chances are that you have. I myself have. So I recognise this, I don't shirk away from the uncomfortable truths, I hold space for whatever needs to be explored, to be explored. However I will refer you to see a trained professional to support you specifically with healing traumatic wounds and associated symptoms, if you haven't already sought it out.

A coach will look with you at your recurring behavioural patterns, your limiting beliefs, life experiences and the stories you tell yourself that hold you back - not to understand WHY they impact you, but to shine a spotlight on them with the purpose of helping you break free so you feel capable of achieving whatever it is you dream of calling into your life.


Firstly a professional coach will hold a safe, sacred space for you the client to be heard, acknowledged, and supported without judgement or distraction.

A quality coach will make sure you feel incredibly comfortable in their company, so you feel safe to be your authentic self, meaning you can show up as the real you - warts and all - without pretending that you're fine, if you aren't.

I truly believe you have the right and capacity to love ALL of you - your whole self, not just your best self. And I help you to fall in love with your whole self.

This in itself can be truly transformational and healing, just by giving you permission and space to reconnect and rediscover the real you. The one behind the makeup, all the roles you play, behind the all-loving, giving, accommodating and available you.

A coach is trained listener. It's at the heart of what I do.

I hear you. I see you.

This space is all yours. Take a slow deep breath and sink into the gift of being witnessed for all that you are.


Coaches help you set the most heart-centred, soul-alighting and emotionally-inspiring goals and then support you to meet those goals during your 3 month coaching period.

These goals can be about anything you want them to be! However, usually, I find that clients aren't sure of what their goals ought to be before we start working together - they just know they're so READY to make radical change in their lives.

And that's wonderful - it's my job to guide you to uncover what you really desire for yourself.

Whether it's about manifesting money and abundance, health and wellness, to feel more self-love, to prioritise themselves around their family commitments, to find their soul's purpose and a deeper fulfilment, career change or anything else - we'll uncover the exact desire you have, and find out what's really holding you back from achieving this for yourself so far.


A coach is your biggest cheerleader. I'm here to hold you lovingly accountable to keep you on track, and to gently nudge you towards what you truly, deeply desire for yourself.

I'll call you on your excuses, intuitively guiding you to what's behind the reasons you've told yourself you can't do, be or have something, and invite you to be radically honest with yourself.

Once you've seen the ways you're standing in your own way, you'll be able to shift these blocks with more ease.

Love, compassion, empathy, and the safe space you've co-created with your coach will allow your strongest mindset to flourish!

Our intuition is our inner compass that can guide us to our truth. Every person is born with this incredible gift, yet some of us aren't aware we possess it, and many don't know how to hear it. It's a muscle, it requires practice, and overtime we can turn our intuition from a soft whisper into a loud roar!


I use mine to tune into what may lie behind your desires, emotions, behaviours and blocks, and I help you to access your inner wisdom and power to reveal the deeper levels of your emotional and spiritual blocks. I help you truly transform into a woman who knows herself, all by scratching deeper beneath the surface. 


By tuning in, I use my intuition in our session to tune into what you're feeling, what you're not saying, into the truth, to help you achieve the greatest momentum.

I use my intuition to know when to suggest we pause, or change direction, or take a breath before digging deeper.

It's my spidey sense.

I don't just steam roll through a session according to plan - instead I FEEL what is needed, when it's needed, not being afraid to change things up to ensure you receive full space to gently explore your own light and dark.


I'll offer specific journal prompts for you to explore between sessions, giving you crystal clear clarity behind the feelings and beliefs that block you on your way, and I may invite you to pause for a short meditation, or to receive guidance from oracle cards if this feels good to you. We might even play with release rituals to help you find freedom and reclaim your power!​

Between sessions I'll guide you to explore whatever you feel intuitively will support you to reach your highest self - remember you're the expert on you!

I work with mamas of children of all ages - whether newborn, at school, or after they've flown the nest. I'm inclusive, I welcome step-mamas, carers, and other incredible women who nurture others, and I welcome womxn who identify as non-binary / LGBTA+

My passion is supporting women to reconnect to who they essentially are deep down, to master sacred self-care for yourself when you're giving all of yourself to others, and to reimagine what's possible for you once we break the conditioning that mothers should give be giving, accommodating, available and serving to others, above tending to their own needs, wellness and desires.

And so.

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Charlotte Pointeaux, a soulful, heart-centred and intuitive Certified Life Coach empowering you mama, to unleash your feminine power, master sacred self-care, and live in true alignment with your soul purpose. 

I want you to have it all! 

And you absolutely can!

Together we will explore how you can:

Grow deep self-love for YOU: the incredible, divine woman you've become

and are becoming, who so often gets buried beneath motherhood and all the other hats we find ourselves wearing...

Embrace your feminine power & wisdom to help you know and love exactly who you are,

and all that comes with being you... You're a beautiful, wise, feeling, emotional, intuitive and sensual woman and it is time to reclaim this for yourself.

Discover what matters to you on a soul level:

What your values are, what you stand for and what matters.

What you love and what brings you unadulterated pleasure!

What you no longer need to tolerate in your life,

And what your soul purpose is...

Create heart and soul-tingling self-care rituals that empower you to THRIVE,

instead of feeling too hard to squeeze in...

And cultivate a powerfully inspired life that you LOVE.

One that celebrates how much your family means to you AND aligns with your values and soul purpose.


If you have any questions at all about what's involved, how I work, and want to read more about my my signature coaching package 'Magick Mama', please read over the full details on my coaching page.

And if you're considering whether coaching might be for you, and would like to reach out to me, I'd love to answer your questions, and even have a free 15 minute chat before you decide whether to apply.

Once I receive your application, I send you my pre-coaching clarity questionnaire to help you express some of how you're currently feeling, and what you think you most want to get out of coaching. At that point we'll dive into a free 45 minute consult to help you determine whether you're. ready to dive head, heart and soul first into a coaching series with me.

Book: Simply Sacred Self-Care

And have you discovered my new book ? It's a beautiful guide to support you to discover your self-care archetype, and includes a wealth of tools and ideas to empower you to create firmer boundaries, prioritise your personal needs and reconnect with yourself as a divine woman in your own right, not just as mama, wife, professional woman.

Available as a limited edition printed book or ebook, both come with a full pack of digital downloadable audio meditations, affirmations, rituals and worksheets - get it now!

Much love,

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I acknowledge the sovereignty of the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live, the Gundungurra people, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and future. This respect extends to First Nations people I work with and welcome. 

All people of all identities are welcome here, and I am committed to holding a safer, inclusive and anti-racist space for all people of all identities relating to race, gender, ability and access.

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