The Power of Circle for Women, Mums and Girls too

Updated: Feb 13

By Charlotte Pointeaux, founder of Sister Souls Coaching, Women's Life Coach and trained Youth Mentor.

in August 2018 I sat in circle with 10 kind, nurturing, inspirational, wise women at Mitlé Southey's circle school. I learned about holding space for women to just be themselves in a safe and sacred space, just as they are in the moment. About being present with each other, and connecting deeply and soulfully, not having ever met any of them before. I expected to just learn the practicalities, but I didn't expect to fall in love so much so quickly with the circle process.

Having been studying as a youth mentor through the Shine From Within program recently, and wanting to empower girls to build their own confidence, self-worth, and to give them tools to make their dreams a reality, I realised with a crash that actually, I want to do this WHILST sitting in circle with young girls.

Circle has so much love and support to share, so much trust, security, and wisdom. So, taking this vision one step further, I realised how powerful it would be to bring mothers and maidens together in circle, showing them how to hold space for each other in their own relationship, to help the teen years be beautiful, calm, full of love and steady as a rock.

Imagine being able to listen, feel, understand, and deeply connect in with your daughter during what's supposedly a rough-as-hell time. Circle gives that power to both mum and daughter. Where was circle when I was young!?!?!

Well, it's here now. Mothers and Maidens circle, next Friday 21st Sept in Moss Vale with me, Charlotte, Sister Souls Coaching. Early bird tix ends on Weds 12th September.

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