Remembering You Are The Moon! The Missing Link to Thriving In A Man's World

In a world that relentlessly pressures us to be Suns, we have to remember, we are in fact the Moon.

You are the Moon, not the Sun, so live like it! Charlotte Pointeaux, Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach

Hormones get a bad rap by anyone who doesn’t understand their cyclic power, the role they play in creation and creativity, and anyone who finds them inconvenient, which includes many women and girls, as well as males.

However hormones are such a gift! As female hormones change across the cycle, day to day, week to week, we see a beautiful rhythm emerge that really clearly mirrors the moons phases and nature’s seasons. These layers of cycles (menstrual, moon, sun, and seasons) show us how we are meant to live: in a way that honours the cycle and our humanity. We aren’t robots. We are moons. So let’s live as we are meant to.

These cycles show us how to get the best out of ourselves if we can listen.

It would show businesses how to maximise the productivity and creativity of their menstruating staff if they could listen!

And as female creatives, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs who are our own boss and make our own rules, it's vital we don't fall into the trap of following the same old masculine structure we've been born into. Because it was built for men with their male-pattern of daily hormones - not us monthly moons.

It's widely known and accepted that males do in fact wake, eat, sleep, do, and repeat on pretty much the same rhythm each day (give or take slight seasonal variation). Their energy level and hormone level is consistent, and it means that their ability to perform at work is consistent, with stable energy, focus, moods day in day out.

Women however simply aren't created this way. Our hormone pattern shifts day to day, week to week, month to month. We simply don't wake up the same person as we were yesterday, much to man's confusion.

This means that when it comes to #worklife, productivity and creativity, we can't expect to map out our days in the way we've been shown how. We actually need to factor in the menstrual cycle to support us to get the best out of ourselves. Because the menstrual phase is not the time for attending lengthy meetings, or pitching sales. And the ovulatory phase is not the optimal time for detailed editing or planning work.

We really ought to be permitted, hell, encouraged, to flex our tasks and our work hours around our own cycle. So as a woman running your own show, why not do this for yourself, and see just how much you life can change for the better!!

Building your life and biz around your menstrual cycle gives you a flexible structure that allows you to flow within it: to create the most amazing biz that honours your cycle, your needs and cyclic superpowers that emerge during each phase of your cycle, so you can flourish and succeed whilst enjoying your work!

Yet having no structure can leave you feeling messy, out of control, and overwhelmed pretty quickly when you’re your own boss, yet too strict a structure denies your need for fluidity and flexibility. So getting that perfect balance that is customised to you and your cycle is the missing link to thriving in a man's world.

Cycle syncing your biz dishes you a high dose of:

Clarity ✔️

Organisation ✔️

Super-charged creativity ✔️

Flexibility ✔️

Optimises your productivity ✔️

Stops you burning out ✔️

Banishes overwhelm and pressure ✔️

Rest, slow days, and permission to put your needs first always ✔️

I love sharing my creative, biz, and selfcare process and structure that underlies my own life with my 1:1 coaching clients, and letting you adapt it to suit your own cycle.

Want to hear more? Would this be this missing piece for you: to have the cycles embedded in all realms of your life? Find out more about how I can support you through 1:1 Menstrual and Moon Cycle coaching at

I acknowledge the sovereignty of the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live, the Gundungurra people, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and future. This respect extends to First Nations people I work with and welcome. 

All people of all identities are welcome here, and I am committed to holding a safer, inclusive and anti-racist space for all people of all identities relating to race, gender, ability and access.

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