Remembering You Are The Moon! The Missing Link to Thriving In A Man's World

In a world that relentlessly pressures us to be Suns, we have to remember, we are in fact the Moon.

You are the Moon, not the Sun, so live like it! Charlotte Pointeaux, Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach

Hormones get a bad rap by anyone who doesn’t understand their cyclic power, the role they play in creation and creativity, and anyone who finds them inconvenient, which includes many women and girls, as well as males.

However hormones are such a gift! As female hormones change across the cycle, day to day, week to week, we see a beautiful rhythm emerge that really clearly mirrors the moons phases and nature’s seasons. These layers of cycles (menstrual, moon, sun, and seasons) show us how we are meant to live: in a way that honours the cycle and our humanity. We aren’t robots. We are moons. So let’s live as we are meant to.

These cycles show us how to get the best out of ourselves if we can listen.

It would show businesses how to maximise the productivity and creativity of their menstruating staff if they could listen!