Wild Flow Podcast #02 - "What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness?"

#02 - "What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness?"

Cyclical living is at the heart of what I teach and how I try to live my life. In this episode, I'm sharing that Cycle Awareness is the observation that all of life occurs in cycles, in a rhythm, in a revolving pattern that is on the whole fairly stable and predictable. Then cyclical living is the practice of following those patterns - and living in alignment with them. I explain what the different cycles are in the natural world, our bodies, and the outer culture we live in, and how fighting these cycles can lead to painful periods, burnout, sickness, and overwhelm.

What You'll Learn

Understanding the difference between your period and menstrual cycle

What cyclical living is and how it's at the heart of what Charlotte teaches

How to live in alignment with your menstrual cycle

The game-changing ways that cycle awareness can improve your life