Wild Flow Podcast #03 - "Period Power: Why You Should Care About Your Cycle"

#03 - "Period Power: Why You Should Care About Your Cycle"

Understanding exactly what is going on within our bodies as cyclical beings is incredibly profound - in fact it's life altering, and culturally transformational. The majority of girls grow up feeling very disconnected from their bodies and reject their menstrual cycles, as they are overwhelmed by cultural and familial menstrual shame. The effects of this play out in a multitude of ways across all realms of our lives. So by learning what your period is, and what your menstrual cycle is as a whole, is a sacred reclamation. From the cycle being recognised at the fifth vital sign of health for women and girls, to healing ancestral patterns, I explain why everyone - not just those who have a cycle - should care about periods.

What You'll Learn

Why you should care about your cycle

How to be connected with your body as a whole

Why it's important to learn about your period and menstrual cycle