Client Interview: What Coaching With Charlotte Is Really Like!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

By Charlotte Pointeaux, Certified Womxn's Life Coach, Sacred Circle Holder and author of Simply Sacred Self-Care

Curious about what coaching is all about, what's involved and what clients really get out of it?

My most recent client Cass kindly agreed to share her honest and raw feedback with you, to give you a deep insight into what you can expect from a coaching experience with Charlotte... here's her feedback in full...


What was happening in your life when you first connected with Charlotte? What kinds of goals were you struggling with, and what were you trying to create, attract, shift, or launch?

"When I first connected with Charlotte, I completely lacked balance between home and work life. I was constantly tired, overwhelmed and unsure of how to make the big changes I required to live a more fulfilling life. I also carried a huge amount of guilt associated with not being able to make effective change and not being able to give my full attention to any one aspect of my life."

What was the trigger or light bulb moment that made you decide to say “YES!” to coaching?

"Early on Charlotte posed two questions to me that really made me realise the power of coaching: 'what are you willing to tolerate' and 'what would you do if you knew you would be supported'. These two questions were complete lightbulb moments as they made me realise the impact certain situations were having on my wellbeing.

I was tolerating far more than I should have and I was not receiving the support I needed from the team I had created. I needed to step up and needed support to do so. While I was pushed far out of my comfort zone exploring the answers to these two questions, Charlotte was there to guide and support me while I made the big changes that were required to improve both my personal and business life."

Had you ever worked with a coach before? What were your expectations about the experience?

"Having never worked with a coach before I had no idea what to expect when I began my work with Charlotte. I could never have imagined the wonderful gift that coaching would turn out to be or how deeply it would make me evaluate my life and make changes for the better. I had attended several women's circles held by Charlotte, and I can honestly say that her coaching is like holding a circle, just for you."

How did you feel, going into your first session with Charlotte?

"Having participated in Circles with Charlotte, I knew that whatever I was getting into was going to be pretty special and I felt exceptionally comfortable going into our first session. Charlotte has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and heard. She holds space for you without judgement and connects wholeheartedly."

And what had shifted or crystallized for you, by the end of that first session?

"I realised that change was on its way and the only way I was going to be able to control it and move forward was to put in some seriously hard work. I realised I had dramatically underestimated the impact my current situation was having on my overall happiness. There was also a realisation that I truly had someone in my corner, backing me 100%. It was clear Charlotte was going to hold me accountable but would also be there to lovingly support me throughout the journey."

Have your friends or loved ones noticed any changes in you since you began coaching with Charlotte? What have they said to you?

"I think the people who have noticed the biggest change since I began coaching would be my staff. I have made some significant changes to how the business is run, my expectations of staff and the culture of our team. While the environment is much warmer than it was previously, there are also much clearer boundaries and expectations in place."

What is the biggest change you’ve witnessed in yourself, and how is it manifesting in your family life, inner world and professional life?

"Charlotte has helped me realise that loving boundaries need to be created in order to find balance. Over the years, being a people-pleaser and an empath has seen me take on and accept far more than is required or reasonable. My coaching sessions with Charlotte have made me realise that saying 'no', taking time for myself and holding others accountable for their actions is not only ok, but completely necessary in order to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. I am more confident, assertive, thoughtful and compassionate towards others AND myself.

I don't allow guilt to take up precious time and energy as I now trust myself to know what I need and how to obtain it. My time with my family is now completely protected and sacred. I am able to give my whole self to them when we are together. While my daughter is too young to be able to verbalise the change, I know she is happier when we are together as she has her mum with her entirely, without distration or guilt. We are creating beautiful memories together on a daily basis, not waiting for a special day out or event. I know that coaching with Charlotte has helped me to become a happier, more present mother."

Is there anything you wished you had spent more time on, or anything that could have improved your coaching experience with Charlotte?

"I just wish I had more coaching sessions scheduled! I think coaching with Charlotte will be something I revisit in the future as it is needed. Now that I know how quickly coaching can spark change, I will not hesitate to jump on board again when new goals need achieving."

If you had to describe your coaching experience with Charlotte in 3 words, what would they be?

"Empowering, transformative, grounding"

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Charlotte! This has been the most amazing, unexpected journey and I can not believe what I have learnt about myself through the process. Being a coach is truly part of your calling. The warmth, understanding and support you have shown towards me over the last few months is something I will never forget. You have given me the confidence to question the 'now' and explore the possibilities for the future without fear. Even though our journey together has come to an end, your support and confidence in me continues and I know I can draw on it at any time."

- Cass Wallace, Business Owner and Mama.

Thank you so very much Cass, for sharing your experience so openly. It's a huge honour to have your trust and willingness to do this and it's been such a privilege to coach you over the last 3 months.

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Much love,

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