Aligning the layers of the cycles within and without: Autumn 2021

Charlotte Pointeaux - Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach


Full Moon blessings!! What an absolutely beautiful full moon we have had now our rains have dried and the skies cleared. There is for me absolutely nothing quite like the mystery of the full moon illuminating the sky so fully as she does and I marvel at how bright and then dark she can be. The moon is a powerful force of illumination and shadow on our souls if we are open to noticing what she lays bare for us. This full moon as with every full moon is the peak of the cycle and a moment where no matter how resistant we may feel, all is laid bare. Whether you believe in the full moon energy causing wild chaos or not, remember that the full moon medicine is one of stopping the mentality of “just carrying on regardless” and seeing whether how we are carrying on is actually serving us or not.

I am particularly enthralled with the ways that all the cycles layer on each other: beginning with our internal daily circadian cycle, then monthly menstrual cycle if we have one, then the outer moon cycle, and the annual solar cycle and the seasons this brings. So whilst we have full moon in the monthly cycle, we are moving into the second half of Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and later Spring in the north. And even if you don't have a menstrual cycle you are still a cyclical being - and are imprinted for success when you live in flow with the inner and outer seasons.