5 Things You Need to Know About Your Cervical Fluid

Updated: May 3

Yep we're talking about your cervical fluid.

Perhaps you know it as Cervical mucous?

Or maybe "Discharge" rings more of a bell for you...

When I think of the word discharge my body instantly tenses up. Memories of shame and embarrassment flood my body as I remember being a brand new teenager, wondering WTF the white liquid that graced my underwear occasionally was all about.

Know thy cervical fluid, know thyself - Charlotte Pointeaux, Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach

I actually thought something must be wrong with me because no one had taught me about it, like, at all. In pre-Google times I would look up the family health encyclopaedia we had on the bookshelf in the lounge. I would covertly sneak it to my bedroom and guess at what it could possibly be called, so I could hope to read up on whether it was a problem, or another of those secretive mysteries my body held.