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Welcome to Wild Flow 
I'm your host, Charlotte Pointeaux, a Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach here for the awakened woman ready to reclaim her body, menstrual cycle and feminine power, and to lead, live and love in flow with nature's wisdom.

This podcast shares how you can harness the magick of the natural seasons and cycles to embody your wild feminine, so you can flourish with greater ease, pleasure and abundance as a multi-passionate woman, mother and soulful business owner.

In this podcast I am sharing tips, rituals, and practices so you can:

  • Live in flow with your menstrual cycle and nature’s seasons,

  • Love your cyclic nature, your body and your whole self by healing your relationship with your womb and rites of passages, and

  • Lead as an embodied wild feminine power in life, mothering and business for maximum abundance, creativity, pleasure and ease.

Are you ready? Let's flow!

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