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  • Creator of First Moon Circles

  • Host of Wild Flow Podcast

  • Guest Mentor for Claire Baker's Cycle Coach Facilitator Training 2021

  • Masterclass for Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training 2020

  • Conversations with the Divine Feminine Podcast

  • Messy Truths and Motherhood with Kate Leiper of The Diamond Women Project 

  • The Shine From Within Podcast with Amanda Rootsey

  • The Empowerment Podcast with Nicole Dargie

  • Making Mumma Magic with Rowena Hobbins, Raising Up

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Charlotte Pointeaux is a Wild Feminine Cycle Coach empowering women and girls to understand and cherish their body’s wisdom, intuition and sovereignty through the magick of the menstrual and moon cycles so that they can flourish as a cyclical being in the modern world.

As a Certified Cycle and Life Coach, qualified Youth Mentor and Sacred Circle holder, and the host of Wild Flow Podcast, Charlotte teaches ancient wisdom that inspires and empowers female-identifying people to reclaim and befriend their cycles so that they can attune their creativity, productivity, self-care and energy to serve themselves first, and society’s expectations second. 

Charlotte coaches women through her 1:1 Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coaching, Integrative Pelvic Health® sessions, and facilitates First Moon Circles® to educate, celebrate and empower girls and their female carers through the rite of passage of menarche (the first period) to transform their experience of their menstrual journey, future rites of passages, and to activate their full potential as a self-loving, self-aware and empowered woman.  


Charlotte now shares this method through her online First Moon Circle® Facilitator Training – which guides trainees through their own ancestral womb healing, to learn cycle awareness wisdom, and be immersed in a rich group experience so that they can hold their own safer and inclusive First Moon Circles® around the world. 


A mother of three sassy and spirited young daughters, when Charlotte isn’t supporting her clients or training others to do the same, she can be found sipping licorice tea and savouring dark chocolate whilst sitting in women’s circles, soaking up the magick of nature, or having cosy cuddles with her children.

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