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Integrative Pelvic Health sessions with Charlotte 

What is Integrative Pelvic Health?

Integrative Pelvic Health® is a method that employs anatomy-based body practice and inner dream journeying to help women recover vibrant wellbeing in their pelvic centre. The goal of the method is to allow women to nourish the physical, sensual, and creative forces of their pelvic cradle.


Integrative Pelvic Health® balances research-based practice, shamanic journeys into the womb and self-empowered bodywork to awaken a full-body agency and knowing. 

Who is Integrative Pelvic Health® is for?

This method is for you if you yearn to... 
  • Clear old energy from your womb space 

  • Discover the anatomy of your pelvis 

  • Experience a stronger connection to your body Expand your ability to feelpleasure 

  • Release old emotions and patterns of relating 

  • Prepare for a gentler and more empowered birth Heal your feminine voiceand expression

  • Learn to listen to your intuition and body knowing 

  • Release negative thoughts or memories around birth 

  • Recover healthy boundaries and self-knowledge.


Benefits of Integrative Pelvic Health®: 

  • Profound Somatic Healing

  • Increased bodily bliss

  • Awakened sexual energy

  • Enhanced creativity and self-trust

  • Return to cyclical living

  • Supporting fertility and menstrual health 

  • Healthy boundaries and self-expression

  • Connection to one's own centre and root of being

  • Reconnecting with voice of the heart-womb 

What happens during an Integrative Pelvic Health® session? 

An Integrative Pelvic Health Session is a deeply embodied and feminine experience that awakens hidden structures in your pelvic cradle so you can discover the profound intuition, bliss and creative force that resides here.Together we will open new doorways of feeling and sensory perception to help you re-weave your life from within. 

Before your first session you’ll be invited to complete an in-depth intake questionnaire to support you to delve deeply and express what you are seeking support with. 

During your session, we’ll chat about what your intentions for the session are, before I guide you through anatomy-based pelvic practices to help you connect with your body in a new way, offering healing, support, and activation. 

You’ll also be guided through a dream journey, a shamanic style meditation so that you can deepen into the spiritual and emotional aspects of what you are exploring. Following each practice and dream journey there will be integration time comprising journaling, reflecting and sharing before your session ends. 

Any future sessions will expand on your first session, and we will explore areas that we feel are most supportive to you at that time. Integrative Pelvic Health sessions are about you becoming the protagonist of an exciting new story as you embody, feel and awaken the deepest parts of yourself.

What's the investment?

A single 90 minute session costs $266 AUD as this is a bespoke session, featuring practices and dream journeys prepared and tailored to the focus areas you name in your intake form. 

If you prefer to book 3 x fortnightly sessions to dive deeper into the layers of your tension, disembodiment and desires, you save $99 ($699 AUD total). Purchase your first session and the discount will be applied when booking your remaining sessions.
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