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Passionate about teaching girls how powerful their body and periods are? 

 Disappointed with the limited sterile school education currently provided which touches on basic biology and reproductive risks - and is completely devoid of empowerment, celebration, cycle awareness and self-care wisdom? 

 A believer in the power of sacred rites of passage, and wish menarche was widely celebrated instead of shushed and shamed into secrecy? 

If you shouted HELL YES to any of this, and feel called to step into period-positive work that empowers young people and their family, and strives for gender equality, this training is for you! 


Receive all my lesson plans, participant handouts, marketing plan, booking form templates and more to make it EASY to get your own First Moon Circles up and running,

Develop an understanding of the biology of menstruation, how to track menstrual cycles (for those with and without periods) and how to practice self-care for your cycle, plus how to teach this to young people, 

 Learn how to hold sacred circles for young people which are safe and inclusive spaces, and how to handle any potential challenging situations or questions,

Join a community of other passionate people who are stepping up to take First Moon Circles to their communities. Receive guidance, support, encouragement, ideas and cross-promotion from each other, and have your events featured on our First Moon Circle listing,

 Receive first opportunities for future collaborations, partnerships, guest mentor opportunities and more!

Interested?? Read on for all the course inclusions and opportunities... 


I created my menarche celebration events for girls aged 9-12 which aim to both give participants a holistic (emotional, physical, biological and spiritual) appreciation of the powerful changes they will experience at the onset of puberty and menarche (their first period). 

Events are intimate, and are either offered as a public event for anyone wishing to attend, or more commonly as private events, for a group of friends. 

First Moon Circles aim to go way way beyond what school fails to teach kids, and it reframes periods as the time females meet their power, and as an initiation. 

Mothers and guardians are invited to join the participants for a celebratory tea to affirm the positive celebration, to open lines of communication amongst families and to lift the veil on shame and secrecy that can go hand in hand with periods. 

Furthermore, mothers are supported by acquiring knowledge they often didn't know themselves, plus language and strategies to openly discuss these topics with their children. 

Read more about how I offer my First Moon Circles, what's included and more here >>


This first ever facilitator training has been created in response to requests to share my process, knowledge and experience with others so they too can jump into holding their own First Moon Circles. Many of us would love to do this work but just aren't sure where to start with the practical elements, perhaps have knowledge gaps, or maybe haven't held events for young people before.


That's where this training comes in - you receive not just the empowering knowledge to share with girls - but you also receive my practical tools and plans to help you make this a reality, plus the support of your fellow facilitators - a sisterhood of peers, who are here to hold space for you as you hold space for others. 

I am hugely passionate about the impact First Moon Circles are having on both young people and their parents - and so gladly have created this training course. I would love to see First Moon Circles offered in many communities to empower the next generation. 

It's really important that those who are committed to female empowerment, to ending period and body shame, and to holding powerful events with integrity join this training. This is why I invite you to apply to join the training. 



This training is short but intensive - it is designed to support you to get out into the world and start holding your own First Moon Circles as soon as possible to make the most of my teaching and the group's support.


Over 6 weeks we will explore major topics to help you schedule, organise and hold your very own First Moon Circles. 

You receive:

★ 6 weekly lessons featuring pre-recorded videos with class notes,

★ Bonus expert interviews on critical topics to accompany lessons,

★ 6 group support coaching calls (online circles), to discuss, share, explore, and support you,

★ Your place in our private Facebook community of other facilitators-in-training to share support, ideas, and cross-promotion,

★ A downloadable workbook to support your learning and understanding,

★ Access to ready-to-use content and resources including my First Moon Circle lesson plan, my booking form, and marketing copy, to help you begin holding your own income-generating circles straight away.

★ Use of my First Moon Guide - my resource book which you gain permission to share with your First Moon Circle participants, and

Topics will include (but are not limited to): 

  1. Getting started task list: a practical checklist of tasks to get you well and truly on your way,

  2. The importance of rites of passages and celebrating menarche in striving for equality, equity and inclusion,

  3. Connecting to your own menstrual journey and connecting with your purpose and vision for your First Moon Circles,

  4. Understand cycle awareness and cycle self-care for yourself, and learn how to teach this to others age-appropriately,

  5. My First Moon Lesson Plan and how I setup and run my circles, what I teach, and how I teach it through activities, discussion, craft, stories, games and celebration,

  6. Creating Safe and Inclusive Circles for children, including how to be gender inclusive, including Trans, Gender Diverse & Non-Binary (TGDNB) people, and 

  7. All things practical: Promote your events successfully to parents and the community through use of my own marketing copy and plan, booking forms, waivers, and protections templates. Go out and facilitate your own First Moon Circle with the group's support!! 


As part of your training you will be given the opportunity to schedule, organise and hold your very own  First Moon Circle happen, to ensure your momentum, learning and inspiration translates into powerful action. This won't be another training you join which you never do anything with! By joining this training you commit to using the learnings and group support to jump in and make your circle happen. 

There will be self-reflection and practical tasks for you to complete alongside each lesson to help you and it'll be excepted that you'll be willing to share your learnings with the group during calls - remember, we are better and stronger together!

Ongoing support and community

And once you've completed the training, you'll receive your certificate of completion and ongoing support, encouragement, and opportunities for further collaboration and cross-promotion with me, and the other facilitators!! Your events will be featured on social media and online to help you get your name and events in front of a wider audience. 



Please keep your eyes open for applications to open ahead of the March 2021 second round. 

It's important to me that you are a true fit for this facilitation training, and that I am a true fit for you, so I will review all applications before offering you a place in the First Moon Facilitator Training. I hope to be able to welcome you into what's truly an inspiring, passionate and

visionary group of facilitators! 


Join the waitlist to receive an early bird offer and be the first invited to apply when registrations open...

Let's take the First Moon movement out to the world - it's our calling!

Love, Charlotte x

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