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More fun,

more ease,

more flow...

and a whole lot more YOU!


So you and I both know that you've got plenty going on in your world...


 There’s your young one (or two...or three) to care for...

Juggling a busy life, the family schedule and all the things....

 Your work, your social life, and then, time for you. 

Barely a breath of time for yourself, for your own rest, pleasure, relaxation and self-care.

And when it comes to your family, you deep in your womb feel just how important you being fulfilled, grounded, happy and well is for their happiness and wellbeing as much as your own

You love being present as they grow up, and cherish your role as a mother, but at the same time you feel drained, overwhelmed, desperate for better balance and more space thats's just for YOU


Your heart is longing for a moment where you can feel free, feel energised, feel into all the possibilities and let go of the responsibilities on your to-do list.


In your soul you're desperate to reclaim something for yourself. Beyond mothering and paying bills. And that comes with feelings of guilt, more overwhelm, frustration. 


Shouldn't you just be grateful for all that you have?? It just all feels too hard to go there right now, and you tell yourself things will change when the kids are older. 

But we all know how that goes... they'll be flying the nest in the blink of an eyeand things will be the same... right?

Deep down, you're wondering how life got this way, and you find yourself asking...

What do I really want? 

What could be possible?

Who even am I? 

The incredible, spiritual rite of passage into motherhood shaped and changed you and your life so deeply and profoundly, but you've not quite managed to integrate your inner maiden version of you with the wiser, more powerful, nurturing and mature mother version of you, and all the changes that motherhood brought you. 


And who can blame you, it's not like we are given a manual to navigate this huge transformation, is it? In times before, women would raise families together as a community, and new mothers received guidance from their wise women. 

But not today, not anymore. Now we are left to fend for ourselves and to tend to our babies by ourselves. And what about the mother - who guides her through her own rebirth into majestic, sovereign, wise mothers? 

It's all too common these days to feel that as a mother you have to do it all, and be it all, to everyone, all the time. Because that's what society teaches us, isn't it? 

So what if you could unlearn this conditioning to reclaim your place as a worthy, divine person in your own right, to feel...


... Free to pursue your own purpose, pleasure, and passions, just like before kids?

... More resilient, grounded, calm and supported to navigate motherhood and savour all the incredible moments?

... Successful, abundant, and able to live a life that feels easier, more in flow, and in harmony with your cyclic nature as a woman?

What if you could reconnect with what you love doing, what lights you up, and feel like you're living on purpose, rather than just pushing through?  

What if you could shatter the people-pleasing good girl conditioning and lean into your power and truth, bringing you confidence and the authority to assert boundaries and call the shots?

What if you could lose the mum-guilt and the simmering resentment to be both a present, energised, grounded mother AND a fulfilled, successful, vibrant woman in your own right? And yes, I do mean all at the same time...

If this is speaking to your soul, then I see you. I know these exact same thoughts and feelings - because this has been my journey too.... 


I love inspiring incredible women like you to

unlock your divine feminine flow, magick and sovereignty

I'm deeply passionate about holding sacred space just for you to honour your wholeness, empowering you to embody your inner 

Magick Mama / Sovereign Woman. 


I invite you to explore your deepest desires, find flow and resilience through sacred self-care, and to step into your personal power as a feminine leader.


Let me share with you all the tools, wisdom and learnings I've undertaken, acquired and absorbed through my own studies and sheer life experiences, and hold you in sacred, nurturing space as you explore, transform and bloom for yourself.



But I wasn't always able to support myself and stand in my power... 

Life threw many obstacles my way from early on, forcing me to go deep within and hide my true self. I learned to please others, be quiet, be easy, and suppress my body and soul's wisdom. I learnt to distrust my judgement, silence my needs, and stifle my feminine energy. 

In my 20s I floated through work never knowing what my talents were, what my purpose might be, or how ambitious, creative, and assertive I am. Instead I learnt that my sensitive nature - my empathy and intuition - were dangerous weaknesses that had me labelled - and feeling - weak, emotional, incapable. Little did I know that this is without doubt my greatest strength, my super power. 

I became a mother through a difficult birth, and spiralled into the depths of feeling overwhelmed, lost, disempowered, disconnected, suddenly overruled by others who thought they knew better than I about what my baby and I needed. 

Friendships came, changed, some lost, some gained. 

After a year of maternity leave I felt deeply lost. Unable to fathom returning to a job that did nothing for me, disempowered by a system that ruled me, yet guilty for not feeling blessed to have such a long time off from a generous employer. I had spent a year bonding with my baby - but growing less sure of myself, who I had become, what I wanted, and how to care for myself.

Perhaps no surprise then that a short 4 months after returning to work I fell pregnant again. I was overjoyed, yet knew things had to change. During this pregnancy we chose to leave Sydney for the rural Southern Highlands, and spent many, many weekends house hunting. 

Two weeks after giving birth we relocated and moved into our new home. In the next six months I met post-natal depression, a stage 2-3 melanoma, and the most painful of family conflicts, it was finally breaking point.


A lifetime of swallowing my needs and rights to keep others happy. 

A painfully bad run that I couldn't take anymore all caught up with me.

And so from this place, I fell apart, and gradually learnt to rebuild myself, from the ground up. I did the work spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and healed relationships with others and myself - but sadly lost others. 

I dived deep into my core wounds, my shadows, my limiting beliefs and I acquired potent tools and learnings to help me cut them away. I practiced using my voice, saying no, and insisting on equity, balance, and my right to be supported and respected. 


But most of all - I learnt to love and respect myself.  

Experiencing such a powerful turnaround ​made me clearly realise one thing: where was this support when I most needed it, both as a girl and a woman?

I realised I wanted to offer others what I had most needed myself. ​

From connecting deeply into what my soul yearned for, I had found my truest passion, and better yet, my life's purpose. 

"Coaching with Charlotte is a transformational and powerful experience – she made a real impact on me. I had a gut feeling I needed to work with Charlotte, and I got so much from it. 

I was an exhausted mother who felt there was not enough time for my creative work and self-care. My relationship was struggling, and I felt hopeless in my financial situation.

I’ve definitely developed a much more positive relationship with money and abundance is flowing. I’m more in my power. I value and honour myself and my work, and I prioritise my self-care. It’s been an incredible experience."


Candice Storey, 

Feminine Embodiment and Yoga Teacher

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My signature 1:1 coaching package guides you to rediscover and
re-imagine a vibrant life of passion, joy, fulfilment,
and glorious, radiant, inspiring YOU!

I'm here to guide you to your most soul-inspired, self-loving, and vibrant life

 by tuning into & deeply understanding your sovereign feminine magick

that's always been within you, waiting to be unleashed!

Through the sacred, safe, and judgement-free container of this coaching, you're invited to:

 Reconnect with and remember your WHOLE SELF - not just the part of you that shows up to take care of others,

☽ Uncover and tap into your feminine superpowers, those that are so often denied or shamed: your feelings, your emotions, your sensuality, your intuition, and your physical body,


☽ Revision your own desires, needs, and goals - instead of solely giving your energy to everyone else.


During your 3 month coaching experience you will learn how to:


Re-discover your identity, meet your true essence. 

You’ll finally get to know the incredible, divine woman you've become, who easily gets lost beneath motherhood and all the other hats you find yourself wearing.​


To help you know and love exactly who you are, and all that comes with being you.

You're a beautiful, wise, feeling, emotional, intuitive and sensual woman and it is time to reclaim this for yourself.


What your values are, what you stand for and what matters.

What you love and what brings you unadulterated pleasure! What you no longer need to tolerate in your life, and what your soul is calling you to share with the world.


Curate and prioritise meaningful sacred self-care that heal you,

Instead of feeling like it's too hard, too fluffy, or as though you simply don't have time.


One that celebrates YOU!

One that honours how much your family means to you AND aligns with your own values, gifts, feminine rhythms & soul purpose.


Our coaching together is a unique, bespoke, one-of-a-kind experience. But here are some outcomes you can expect to see after our 12 weeks together:


  • You'll discover your sacred self-care archetype and learn to craft deeply fulfilling, personalised, easy to integrate sacred self-care rituals that nourish your soul, and integrate into your life with simplicity, GUILT FREE - even with your full schedule,

  • You'll become the calm, grounded, resilient, and happy mother that you've always wanted to be, the one that enjoys motherhood rather than feeling ruled by it. You'll be equipped with tools that you'll be able to use for yourself and role-model to your family, to show them the way to their own self-love and compassion, and to healthily self-soothe.

  • Uncover and embrace your divine feminine nature, your rhythms, cycle, and intuition. Learn to celebrate, harness and align your life to your feminine superpowers for greatest ease, flow, pleasure and joy. 

  • Cultivate your sovereignty - claim your power and let it feel GOOD to do so. Learn how to set boundaries that honour and love you - and be able to follow through and stick to them. Discern the difference between boundaries that hide your light and dim your power, versus those which show others how to treat you, and how to honour themselves too.

  • And you'll discover what makes your heart sing, what you desire most deeply for yourself, what you value the most and the tools to create this for yourself.

Get crystal clear on what you most deeply desire for yourself,

and equip yourself with tangible tools, actionable steps, and loving support 

as you pivot towards a fulfilling, joyful, and empowering life that

truly lights up your soul. 

So what's actually included?
For you to complete and return to me before we get started.
This helps us both get clear on what's missing from your life, what your soul gifts might be, and how you dream of showing up in the world.
The perfect opening ceremony to your coaching experience.
 In this time we'll connect as sacred partners in this journey, explore your Clarity Questionnaire to uncover magickal insights into what is waiting to unfold for you, and I'll share a grounding meditation and Oracle guidance with you.
A sacred opportunity for heartfelt, ecstatic dreaming
Together we'll craft heartfelt, soulful and deeply potent goals that ignite your inner magick,
inspire beautiful self-love, and make your heart flutter, and set some practical action steps for you to take towards realising your vision.
Receive loving yet solid encouragement as you take each step forward, 
knowing that you're so supported on this journey. 
Your sacred space to share your successes, receive coaching,  delve deep into your shadows, and ignite your potent magick!
Each fortnight we'll explore your mindset, limiting beliefs, and feelings that hold you back as you step into this truer version of you. We'll review the steps you've taken so far and alchemise the insights you've unlocked to deepen your capacity for self-love, confidence, sovereignty and permission be radically, powerfully you!
A chance to celebrate, share your progress & wild achievements
Your final session is all about celebrating you. Everything you've called in and consciously created for yourself. By this point you will feel powerful, in full command of your destiny, committed to your sacred self-care and self-devotion practice. You'll know yourself more deeply than ever, and love who you're becoming. You'll feel empowered AF.  
You'll receive guidance and coaching where you need it, to set you up with confidence,
clarity and a roadmap towards a life of alignment. 
Additional practical and loving support including
Unlimited email and Voxer support directly from me in between sessions.
My Magick Mama and Sovereign Womxn meditations and affirmations to download and work with.
PLUS relevant digital resources and products to support you.

and what's the exchange?


(worth over $1,900!)


It can be yours at this time for just $1,197!

(and yes, a 3 month payment plan can be made available for you)

“Coaching with Charlotte has been an empowering, life-changing and transformative experience. Before I felt so stuck in old patterns of self-sabotage and perfectionism, I wasn’t living to my full potential and I really felt like I needed some help to move forward. 


Having completed my coaching I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel elated, powerful, and have a sense of mastery over my life. Personally, the biggest change for me is that I’m committed, focused, happy, and living in authentic alignment with my values - I feel on fire!


I can't thank Charlotte enough for her support, guidance, warmth, nurturing and wisdom.”


 Nicole Blaik,

Ayurvedic Chef


Along with my experience coaching clients to express themselves fully as women and mothers, I bring my professional training and skill development that helps me make your experience as transformative as possible.


This includes:

☽  My qualification as a Certified Life Coach through Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy,

☽  My Youth Mentor training through Shine From Within,

☽  Training to hold sacred space to support and empower others through Circle School, 

☽  A 9 month Cycle Coach training program to strengthen my capacity to teach you cycle awareness, support your own menstrual health, and live in alignment with your changing feminine energies, needs and gifts,

☽  Over a decade of professional experience creating and facilitating professional & personal development programs.

☽  Significant investments in my own personal coaching and further training with incredible leading coaches in the areas of feminine empowerment, embodiment, and menstrual cycle awareness. Because my own growth and development is essential so I can best support you! 


 "Charlotte helped me realise that loving boundaries need creating in order to find balance. While I was pushed far out of my comfort zone, Charlotte was there to guide and support me while I made the big changes that were required to improve both my personal and business life. ​Charlotte has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and heard. She holds space for you without judgement and connects wholeheartedly.

I am more confident, assertive, thoughtful & compassionate towards others AND myself."


Cass Wallace,

Business Owner 

Questions clients have asked before enquiring about coaching for the first time...



Our intuition is our inner compass that can guide us to our truth. Every person is born with this incredible gift, yet some of us aren't aware we possess it, and many don't know how to hear it. It's a muscle, it requires practice and over time we can turn our intuition from a soft whisper into a loud roar!


When it comes to our coaching together, I work with my intuition as well as yours.

My intuition is my spidey sense. I use it to tune into what may lie behind your desires, emotions, behaviours and blocks, and I help you to access your inner wisdom and power to reveal the deeper levels of your emotional and spiritual blocks. 


I use my intuition to know when to suggest we pause, or change direction, or take a breath before digging deeper.


Instead of just steamrolling through a session. I FEEL what is needed when it's needed. I’m not afraid to change things up to ensure you receive the full space required to gently explore your own light and dark.



☽  A computer with a working camera, headphones, and internet connection.​

☽  Time by yourself, away from family and other commitments to focus on giving yourself what you truly deserve, for the love of yourself and your family​

☽  And the willingness to dive in feet, heart, head and soul first into creating really inspired change for yourself. This means showing up, and not cutting yourself off from being real, raw, authentic, and vulnerable. I’ve got you - you're in loving hands, held gently with compassion in a judgement-free space.




This is for you if:

☽ You're after a deep transformational experience

☽ You know deep down your intuition is whispering to you but you don't know how

to hear it clearly;

You're ready to learn so much more about who you are and who you're here to be.


On the other hand, if you're not oh-so-ready to create change, aren't committed to doing the work in AND between sessions , or if you're expecting a quick fix and all the answers to be gifted to you on a platter, then my coaching is likely not the perfect fit for you.


Of course, the best way to find out if this coaching series is right for you is to get in touch through my obligation-free contact form. We can have a zero-commitment chat about the support you're searching for, and the magick you'd love to make. And then, only after that, you are free to choose if you're in.

So if you're curious, take the next step and reach out...!

"Coaching with Charlotte has been such a phenomenal and enlightening experience. It’s been incredible to gain so much confidence, to have direction and be on a path that feels so aligned. I have my spark back.


I can’t thank Charlotte enough for being there, holding me accountable and opening my eyes to how amazing I really am.  Thank you."

Tristan Knoop, 

Life Coach

Hey beauty, I see you there -

hanging out here at the bottom of the page...

You’ve read all there is to read, but yet, you’re holding back from taking the next step and tapping that button to get in touch.


If I had to guess, I’d say there’s a couple of things weighing on your mind…


“How do I talk about this with my partner? How do I get them on board?”


I get it - investments like these are likely decisions you make as a team. So let’s be clear...


There’s nothing self-indulgent or pointless about investing in yourself - especially not at this point in your life, and especially not in this way.

In fact, here’s why I’d argue that this investment is in the best interest of your entire family, and not just for you: Everyone benefits. When you’re finally able to put your own needs first, for the first time in a long time, things change quickly. 


First comes the shift between you and your partner when you actually feel encouraged to find the purpose, direction and meaning that’s calling to you at this pivotal point in your life.


And by the end of the series? You’ll feel calmer, and more present in general - you’ll finally be showing up as the woman, mother, partner, professional you’ve always wanted to be. 

In short, this investment helps your entire family dynamic to flourish. 


So, yes, this coaching series directly benefits you. AND it benefits your whole family too.

So where to from here?

If you're deeply feeling the call to follow your curiosity, then I'd love you to honour that by enquiring with me now to explore further what magick you and I can weave together! 

You absolutely deserve to feel confident, fulfilled, and self-loving as a

Magick Mama, Sovereign Woman. 

So, take a breath, feel the call, open your heart to love,

and take the next step towards meeting your true, divine self.


With love, 

Charlotte x

I acknowledge the sovereignty of the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live, the Gundungurra people, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and future. This respect extends to First Nations people I work with and welcome. 

All people of all identities are welcome here, and I am committed to holding a safe, inclusive space for all people of all identities relating to race, gender, ability and access.

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