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Cycle Coaching

-  with Charlotte  -

Harness your cyclical superpowers + shadows to optimise your menstrual cycle for greater health, happiness and flow in your life, health, relationships and biz.

Understand how your energy, capacity, self-care needs and productivity ebbs and flows across your own unique cycle, and build a monthly framework to get the best out of yourself, rather than fighting against your body.


Develop your creativity, intuition, trust in yourself and your body, and make life work around and for you and your cycle.

Together, let's unlock the magick hiding in plain sight in your body and nature's cycles.

Are you ready?

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As a Menstrual + Moon Cycle and Life Coach, I support soulful, creative and entrepreneurial women to integrate cycle awareness into all the realms of your life, including your health, spiritual practice, parenting and creative business.


Because as cyclical beings its time we all remembered we are the Moon, living in a masculine world created to suit men, who are the Sun. Our culture and lifestyles insist we show up every single day with the same level of focus, energy, productivity and capacity to GO GO GO.

But, actually, we aren't built that way. 

By working with our monthly cycle - both the menstrual and the moon cycle (and just the moon cycle if you don't currently have a period), you have a framework for life that reminds you how to best honour and meet your ebbing and flowing needs across your own unique cycle. 

This is what I do. I take you on an exploration of your own cycle experience, to look at what your own cyclic superpowers and shadows are, to address any menstrual health / PMS issues along the way, and to create a beautiful life that feels more freeing, fulfilling, fun, inspired, and spacious. And a life where you're in control: you know what is coming up, and you can plan your life around your cycle, so you get the absolute best out of yourself, whilst gently nurturing yourself for better periods, better creativity and productivity, and way less overwhelm and mum-guilt.

I work with women who...

Are ready to learn so much more about who you are, and how your menstrual cycle holds the key to ultimate self-knowing, your personal power, truth, purpose, beautiful boundaries, and the greatest pleasure.

Are you:

☽ Worn out from a super busy life of juggling a growing biz, family and all the things you're balancing, and realise you’re giving so much of your life force to your responsibilities that at the end of the day you have little left for yourself?


Curious about how you can schedule your life around your cycle, to optimise your creativity, energy, and intuition, and ensure you feel your best along the way?


☽ Ready to get clear on what’s happening with your menstrual cycle, including learning how to ditch the PMS that's giving you hell, reduce menstrual pain, and improve your energy, focus and enjoyment of your WHOLE cycle, not just your period.

☽ Wanting to set yourself up for improved future health into motherhood, peri-menopause and beyond (because sorting out your cycle NOW is going to set you up for a wayyyyyy better, easier, and healthier menopause and long-term health and vitality!!)


☽ Curious about how to harness the moon’s magickal powers for magnetising an inspired and spacious life that serves you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, creatively and physically?


Well then I'd love to work with you!

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"Coaching with Charlotte is a transformational and powerful experience – she made a real impact on me. I had a gut feeling I needed to work with Charlotte, and I got so much from it. 

I was an exhausted mother who felt there was not enough time for my creative work and self-care. My relationship was struggling, and I felt hopeless in my financial situation.

I’ve definitely developed a much more positive relationship with money and abundance is flowing. I’m more in my power. I value and honour myself and my work, and I prioritise my self-care. It’s been an incredible experience."


Candice Storey, 

Feminine Embodiment and Yoga Teacher

What is a Cycle Coach?

Did you know that the menstrual cycle is considered the fifth vital sign of health for women?


Amazing right! Your cycle holds so much knowledge within, so by tuning into it's patterns and rhythm we can explore which areas of your life require an upgrade, and find feel-good strategies to support you to thrive. 

As a Certified Life and Cycle Coach its my role to hold space for you to express your dreams and goals for how you would love to feel and live every day. I guide you through tools to connect with and chart your cycle - whether its regular, irregular or even missing (hey sister, I see you!). We then navigate the key pillars within your life, and with my 1:1 support, accountability and encouragement, you find confidence and power in trusting that you really are the expert in all things YOU.


I'm really passionate about self-care especially. As a mum of 3 and a solopreneur, I know that time for your needs can be really hard to come by. However when you learn to line up self-care and to your cycle and personality, it suddenly becomes really easy - and super simple - to find guilt-free time to nourish your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.


I would love to show you how through harnessing your inner menstrual and moon magick...


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As a Menstrual and Moon Cycle Coach,

I take you on a journey.


I guide you through my cyclical framework that addresses your physical, mental, emotional, creative and spiritual wellbeing one cycle at a time. 

By working together for a minimum of 3 cycles, we have beautiful opportunities to explore each of the four phases of your own cycle, to see how you currently experience it, and to set you up with powerful tools and your own framework to transform your wellbeing and success in each of these areas. 

Together we'll look at diet, energy leaks, lifestyle, self-care, and spiritual practices to transform your cycle experience. 

You'll receive from your 1:1 sessions...

☽ WAYYYYY better, happier, healthier and easier periods!! And really, a much more enjoyable cycle all round (we look at so much more beyond just your period). 



6 x 1:1 fortnightly coaching sessions with me, to keep you moving forward, feeling supported, inspired and empowered to make the changes that serve you. 

Between-session voice note support (Voxer), so you always have me walking beside you. I'm on hand for Q+As, accountability and to celebrate your wins along the way! 

☽ Loads and loads of info, education and support as we go (I'm super generous with my time and knowledge, my clients thank me for this over and over again!). This might look like guided meditations, embodiment practices, breathing, and rituals in session, plus journal prompts, mindset practices and diet suggestions where needed to follow up between sessions. 

A personalised, custom practice and framework that feels ah-mazing to you, supports you, and mirrors your own unique cyclical needs. We'll develop this over time, and you'll be able to put this to use long after our coaching. 

The option to continue month-to-month with me, so we can keep seeing how your cycle changes (some changes will be nature take longer than 3 months to improve). Also there may be new areas of your life to explore together which may just take us longer to work with, and we may simply have just SUCH FUN AWESOME times together that it feels glorious to continue.  

So, are you ready to receive this? 

If you're curious, let's spend 20 minutes chatting about how I can support you, so you can feel into whether we're the right fit to make incredible magick together!

Let's line up our virtual cuppa now!! 

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"Thank you Charlotte, you were tremendously helpful in gently encouraging me to lose the guilt, and start taking more time and pleasure to enjoy the routine, and infuse them with joy, creativity and freedom.

You are very insightful and always know what exactly what to say! I know how wonderful you are."


Rel Vild 

Creator of SHEROes and mum of 2

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A bit about me​

I’m a certified Life Coach through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, and have completed my 9 month Cycle Coach training with menstruality leader Claire Baker. I am also a graduate of Mitle Southey's Circle School, and I have a degree in Biology which has come in handy with underscoring my knowledge of the body, cycle and endocrine system (the one that makes hormones). 


These incredible trainings, along with my insatiable appetite for learning and growth, have given me the tools, frameworks, knowledge and capacity to hold a beautiful, scared, and empowering space for you to feel heard, supported and transformed, and to explore your cycle - whatever form it takes.


Along with my experience in coaching women to express and celebrate their cyclical nature, I bring my professional training and experience to my work with you. I have over a decade of professional education experience creating, organising and facilitating professional and personal development and education programs. 


I also believe that a good coach should be deeply committed to their own learning and personal growth, so I have invested significantly in programs for my own development with incredible leading coaches in the areas of feminine empowerment, embodiment, menstrual cycle awareness, and money mindset.


Last but certainly not least, I bring my own personal lived experience. As a woman, and a mother of three, I have lived a rich menstrual journey from difficult teen periods, to spending over a decade on the Pill, to my journey coming off hormonal contraception and all the confusion and yucky symptoms that bought with it. There’s my story of discovering that there’s more to my cycle than just a period - and what fertility (and infertility signs) look like. Plus my journey from discovery to living, breathing and teaching menstrual cycle awareness, the wild power that lives within us women, and how we can break taboos and shame to literally live our best lives through the framework of the menstrual cycle. 


No period? No problem!

And because now I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding for six straight years, and have barely had a period in that time, I have learnt and become pretty damn well versed in how to live by the moon’s lunar cycle when your own cycle is MIA. I am so passionate about guiding other women who don’t have periods either - whether that's irregular periods, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, take hormonal contraception, are peri/menopausal, or don’t experience periods for any other reason - you too can find a rhythm, a stabilising force, a cycle to live by, for more ease, flow, grace, and wellbeing too. 


I’m also a trained Youth Mentor with Shine From Within school, and just LOVE talking to t(w)eens about their first and early periods in First Moon Circles, my menarche education and rites of passage celebration!

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What my clients say...

“Coaching with Charlotte has been an empowering, life-changing and transformative experience. Before I felt so stuck in old patterns of self-sabotage and perfectionism, I wasn’t living to my full potential and I really felt like I needed some help to move forward. 


Having completed my coaching I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel elated, powerful, and have a sense of mastery over my life. Personally, the biggest change for me is that I’m committed, focused, happy, and living in authentic alignment with my values - I feel on fire!


I can't thank Charlotte enough for her support, guidance, warmth, nurturing and wisdom.”


 Nicole Blaik,

Ayurvedic Chef

 "Charlotte helped me realise that loving boundaries need creating in order to find balance. While I was pushed far out of my comfort zone, Charlotte was there to guide and support me while I made the big changes that were required to improve both my personal and business life. ​Charlotte has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and heard. She holds space for you without judgement and connects wholeheartedly.

I am more confident, assertive, thoughtful & compassionate towards others AND myself."


Cass Wallace,

Business Owner 

Work with me


A potent 3 months of 1:1 coaching with tailored support is currently 

$395 AUD per month

(this offer is actually worth over $2,200 in value given the level of my time, expertise, and the education and resources I share with you during your coaching)

Pssst: If you would prefer to pay in full this is also possible.

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What's the time commitment?

I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months as this is the shortest amount of time possible for us to explore patterns across your cycles, and to create healthy new habits and transformation.

Our time together can absolutely be longer to help you achieve your cyclic goals which may take a few cycles to observe, implement and embed supportive practices. After our 3 months you have the option to continue our coaching together renewing monthly.  

Sessions are fortnightly. The first session is 90 minutes and the next 5 are 75 minutes long. We schedule in around your life and your cycle (of course we do!!) and the sessions aren't high energy. In fact I'm a gentle, dreamy kinda gal and love to leave you feeling all nourished, held, supported, heard, seen and loved. 

Between session activities may take you a matter of minutes, or a couple of hours to complete - it all depends on what level of transformation you're looking to achieve, and your capacity!

Is there a payment plan?

A potent 3 months of 1:1 coaching with tailored support is currently $395 AUD per month. Please note that this price is subject to change and includes more than $2,200 worth of value in terms of the education, my time and resources that I actually put into and give you during your coaching. 


Payments will be taken automatically once you sign up beginning right away, and then 1 and 2 months later.


If you require a longer payment term, this is possible too. I am happy to offer you unto a 5 month plan, however your coaching start will be delayed so that your payments complete at the same time as your coaching.


If you would prefer to pay in full this is absolutely possible.

Why is this SO important to do RIGHT NOW? I've done so much personal development - why is this different?

Your health matters. Your happiness matters. And your menstrual health matters. 

As I said earlier, your menstrual health is the 5th vital sign of health and can reveal so much about your underlying state of health. If you've been putting up with pain, PMS, or other menstrual health issues, you really don't have to put up with this anymore. 

Working with me will give you the power and knowledge you need to put your cycle under the microscope to see what's going on, and to get the help you need to stop being ruled by a nightmare cycle. 

I share so much knowledge with you it's not funny. 

And I give you heaps of tools that feel good to you, to work on not just your physical health, but your spiritual connection to yourself and your body, your emotional, mental and creative health too. 

We'll address how you can work your cyclic superpowers to structure your biz into one that loves you, your Homelife into one that supports and respects you, and your purpose into one that lights you up. 

My client even told me that the work she has been doing with me to understand her cycle is the MISSING PIECE in her self-development puzzle.


She's done all the courses, all the learning, the inner work. But this, connecting with her menstrual journey to date and looking at her cycle awareness practice has been everything. 

I don't have a period, is this still for me?

Don't have a menstrual cycle and feel like you should in order to get the benefit?

Let me assure you that I have only JUST had my period return after 814 days without one, and even then, I've barely had one in 6 years. I am a major major fan of working with the Moon Cycle, and would love to show you how you can use the moon to support you in all of the same ways that a menstrual cycle would if you had one. In fact, I even share this moon cycle with women who do bleed, because it's so awesome. Many many people don't have a period - and there are ages and stages where we naturally don't bleed. Perhaps now is an even greater time to work with me, so I can help you find a rhythm that serves you, when it's easy to fall into the masculine DOING pattern without the period to remind you to honour your very female needs. 


I'm just not sure!!!???!!!

What exactly are you waiting for lovely? Is it something you have a question about and want to ask me? If so, there's no simpler way than speaking face to face. I'm not about the hard sell (YUCK!) so I promise you, we can chat, you can ask me your Qs and I'll answer them without twisting your arm into something you aren't ready for. 

Book your virtual cuppa with me here!

So where to from here?

If you're deeply feeling the call to follow your intuition and work with me, I'd love you to honour that by spending 40 minutes chatting with you, to connect and explore what magick you and I can weave together.

This is your time.

So, take a breath, answer the call and take the next step towards meeting your true, divine self

through the magick of your menstrual and moon cycles.


With love, 


I acknowledge the sovereignty of the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live, the Gundungurra people, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and future. This respect extends to First Nations people I work with and welcome. 

All people of all identities are welcome here, and I am committed to holding a safe, inclusive space for all people of all identities relating to race, gender, ability and access.

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