So you’ve got an inkling you might want to become a life coach?


You’re curious about what life as a coach is like, whether you have what it takes,

and how to actually become one, right?




You’ve always been told, and felt, that you’re a great listener to others,

you’re sensitive to other’s feelings,

and you’ve been told many times that you give good advice. 


You have a strong draw to work with other people,

to help them, and to make a difference in this world,

but you’ve not quite figured out the best way yet. 

You believe that everyone has their own wisdom,

is capable of creating and living their best life, if they can shift their mindset,

clarify their dream outcomes, and step into inspired action. 

You’re a big fan of personal development,

you love to learn and grow personally,

and are always trying to support others to grow too. 

You try to show up in this world as your authentic self.

You value realness, heartfelt connection to others,

and believe that we are all deserving of each others love and support.

No competition, no comparisionitis, we are all in this together.

You also value sovereignty – that is, you value that each of us

gets to make our own choices, to live by our own rules.

You value freedom, and creativity, and long for this in your work.


You long to ditch the 40 hour (and then some!!)

corporate job to fulfil your soul purpose, make your own hours,

work from anywhere, and make a living doing it.

But, you’re not sure how you can harness your unique combination

of skills, gifts, experience and personality to make the difference

you know you were born to share in this world. 


Then allow me to share my thoughts with you...



Yep I said it. 


If you tick a number of these boxes above, I know you would make an incredible difference

as a coach to so many of your ideal clients. 


You have so much wisdom to offer, and are able to hold space for others to find their own path

as they grow and evolve.  

So what’s stopping you? 


Introducing the life coaching course that changed my world…

the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. 


In 2018 I took a huge leap of faith into what I just knew was my calling. I invested solid money and time in myself, and signed up to study the incredible 6 month BYCA course, which I then completed in 2019.


It was the most amazing experience.


I became immersed in a group of the most inspiring, heart-centred, authentic, and active community of life coaches trained through BYCA who are deeply rooted in integrity, quality, and sisterhood. 


It’s not like any other life coaching course out there. 


It allows you to study, and then coach, in feminine flow – not hustle, bustle, and strife. It teaches you to coach with feelings, well-being, spirituality, and dreams front of mind, rather than setting strict goals based on what you think you should be achieving within a fixed timeframe. 

The course is as much a personal development course, and a business course,

as it is a coaching course.

  • You come out of the BYCA Life Coaching Course vastly upskilled in the areas of marketing and business processes, and deep dive into your own fears, mindset blocks, big visions and passions helping you shift into action and create your own functioning business.

  • There’s the opportunity to get actually coaching within a matter of weeks, as you can opt to coach and be coached by a buddy throughout the course.

  • And there is a gang of the most incredibly talented and experienced coaches who train students on the course, plus the lead coach and founder Julie Parker who I admire and respect greatly. 

  • Then, if that’s not enough, you get access to many, many interviews with subject matter experts throughout on topics from social justice, self-love, money mindset, coaching men, mamas and other niches, running events and other coaching activities, collaborating, blogging, and so much more. 



Become a Certified Life Coach with BYCA

It's important to note that to become a Certified BYCA Life Coach (which is one step further than just becoming a BYCA Life Coach) there is a strict internal process to ensure the quality of their certified coaches. 


This involves you having your own coach, recording sessions of you coaching your own clients, and passing an examination amongst other requirements (you can read about this process in full here).


In an industry that is unregulated, the BYCA course is a shining beacon of quality, integrity and ethics, 



I loved the course so much, that after graduation I jumped at the chance to become an affiliate.

This means if you sign up via me, I can offer you 3 months of free coaching to help you become a

Certified BYCA Life Coach! 


How? Read on...

Affiliate Offer: Free Coaching for you*

Being an affiliate means I can proudly share this course with other wannabe coaches, and current coaches who want to upskill and work differently – in a more sacred, feminine, intentional energy, and who want to become a significant piece of a very special coaching community. 


As an affiliate it also means, that *if you sign up to take the BYCA Life Coaching course, and add my name to the order form (in the ‘Code’ box, specifically*), I can offer you a free 3 month coaching package which you can use towards your BYCA Certification process. I know, epic right!!!


(In full disclosure I would receive a fee straight from BYCA to support me to coach you – how wonderfully supportive is that – BYCA really is all about supporting and empowering their community.)


So if this speaks to you, and you think BYCA is the course for you,




Discover the Course

Read all about the BYCA course inclusions,


Learn about the Certification Path

Read about what's involved if you want to take it a step further

and become a Certified BYCA Life Coach.


Sign up for the course

Make absolute certainty you include my name ‘Charlotte Pointeaux’

on the order form in the ‘CODE’ box to receive this offer

(see the graphic below for where the code box is...)


Let me know!

Tell me that you’ve signed up, and for which start date  so I can save time in my diary

to coach you when you’ve completed the course and

are working towards your BYCA certification status. 


Get Excited!!!

You are about to change your life and grow significantly as a person

and a Life Coach, and in turn change the lives of so many clients!

BYCA Sign up form.png

Important Note:

If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed,

(which is the code field at your enrolment stage - please see graphic above),

or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings.

This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so

please be careful at your sign up stage to do this

as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!

If you have any questions – at all – simple or huge – please message me or email me to chat. 


And whatever your decision – I wish you all the very best with uncovering and fulfilling your soul purpose, and in sharing your magick with the world. 


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