Are you a soulful, creative woman, who understands your passion and purpose in life but still finds yourself not listening to or honouring what your body is asking of you?

Do you have a tendency to give a whole lot of yourself to your family, your work, your friends, and inevitably burnout (or get pretty close!) more than once? 
And do you feel ​curiously drawn to the magick and mystery of cyclical living, and feel like it's something you'd just LOVE to learn more about and integrate into your everyday (including your biz, self-care, creativity, and relationships?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself  - especially during certain phases of your menstrual cycle, and crave a moment to come home to yourself, what you need, and how you would really love to live? 


If so - then you're in the right place. 

This is a safer, inclusive space for women, girls, and folks who bleed with a menstrual cycle, to be guided to understand your body and unique cycle experience. 

I help you build deeper, stronger, more compassionate self-knowing and trust in your body, your intuition, and your sovereignty. 

I help you shake off the shackles of the masculine 9-5 capitalist structure we learnt back in school, that insists we be on-the-go hustling all day, everyday, and instead integrate cyclical wisdom that gives you the freedom to schedule your work and life around you, your body and your needs. 

Because we must honour the cycle. Both the menstrual within us that shapes us, changes us day to day and week to week, and the creative process that requires time to dream, vision, play, create, reflect, and appreciate. 

Productive rest is entirely as necessary as the doing. And as hard as this can feel to take for yourself - I'm here to guide you, and reveal to you just how simple it can be to ditch the rules and rebuild something softer, slower, intuitive and nourishing, so you can thrive as a woman, a cyclical being, in a man's world.

I'm so glad you're here.
Let's make magick together. Because it's your time now.

A bit about me...

In previous lives I was a long-term education specialist in the UK and Australia, spending years creating programs and facilitating workshops for students and professionals alike.

I grew a sideline business creating special occasion cupcakes which I absolutely loved, discovering my creativity and business skills, but once babies came along, it didn't feel so aligned anymore. Baking last minute cakes in Sydney's summer with a baby that wanted my cakes in her hands was not an easy combo! Now, I love a good cake but only if it's being baked and eaten for fun!

I hail from Nottingham in the UK, and moved permanently to Australia with my Aussie hubby in 2012, after living the city life in England and selling everything to go on lengthy backpacking jaunts together through Asia, Europe and South America (ah thems the days...) 

These days I'm a Certified Cycle Coach having trained in menstruality with Claire Baker, and a certified Life Coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I'm passionate about weaving together cycle awareness, feminine embodiment and shamanic ways of working to guide women to their wild feminine selves.

I adore holding magickal sacred space for soulful women and girls to tune into their own hearts, souls, bodies and minds, and help them see the incredible wisdom they already hold within them. 

I love showing clients how to hear the whisper of their intuition, and to follow this to call in spacious lifestyles, confidence, and self-trust in their abilities, their bodies, their wisdom that  lights them up like a moonbeam with joy and purpose. 

Guiding women and girls to a place where they feel heard, empowered, understood and proud of who they are is a serious passion of mine. I love my work, my particular style of magick. Menstruality and Moon Cycle Coaching and Circles. 



I'm Charlotte

I'm mum to 3 young sassy, spirited girls....

A creative-minded coach who passionately lives in flow with my soul purpose, my inner cycle and nature's rhythm, and feels in easy alignment with what's important to me...

☽ I love sleep (don't all mamas?),
☽ Deep conversations with great friends,
☽ Cake & dark hazelnut chocolate,
☽ Growing my own veggies, flowers and herbs
☽ Crystals, candles, and yoga,
☽ Late, quiet nights to myself,
☽ Cultivating a spiritual connection to the moon, and my feminine cyclical nature,
☽ And I'm a cyclical living obsessive.

Thanks for stopping by...

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