Are you a passionate mama, a creative thinker, a soul-searcher

who is just so ready for bigger things? 

Are you feeling out-of-touch with your who you've become since motherhood,

and crave something just for yourself? 

Have you felt lost in this busy, achievement-focused world that's left you overwhelmed and unsure of your place in it since becoming a mama? 

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place.

A mum of 3 young girls, 

A creative soul who used to believe I wasn't creative

(thanks, year 8 art teacher - see how these false beliefs can stick!),


I love sleep (don't all mamas?), deep conversations, great friends,

Cake & dark chocolate,

Growing my own veggies,

Crystals, candles, and yoga,

And I'm a sacred self-care devotee.

In previous lives I was a public & private sector employee in the education sector, and I used to run a sideline business creating cupcakes too! 

These days I'm a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, and I hold sacred sister circles for soulful women, and incredible girls to gather & explore what makes them light up like a moonbeam with joy and purpose. 

Guiding women and girls to a place where they feel heard, empowered, 

understood and proud of who they are is a serious passion of mine. 

I love my work, my particular style of magick.

Here's what my clients say...

Living a life on-purpose

A life that celebrates love, joy, and empowers me to embrace my feminine wisdom and reconnect to myself as a divine woman. 


One where I could be the mother I always dreamt of being: fulfilled, present, and capable, and where the children get the best of me, and I them. 

Where the weekends are joyful, restful, pleasing, and Sunday-dread doesn't exist because come Monday, I'll be diving deep into meaningful, soulful, intuitively-guided work that doesn't feel like work at all, and


Where I feel fully free to follow my passions, discover my purpose, get to explore, learn and grow, and uncover deeper meaning.

Living on purpose. With a purpose. 

I have learnt the skills to manifest this for myself. 

And now I'm delighted to be in position to share these skills with you too. 

So how can I support you? 

If you're a tad curious about how I can bring my magick to empower you, I'd love to hear about what beautiful, bright things you desire for yourself. Either explore my 1:1 coaching offer, or drop me an email now at to see how we can get together.

And if you haven't already, don't miss out on free self-care tools anymore by subscribing to receive occasional letters from me...

With love,


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