: Charlotte Pointeaux :

WILD Feminine Coach


Empowering women to reclaim and embody their innate wild feminine power and cycle wisdom



as a whole, wild sovereign woman


About Me


Hi lovely, I'm Charlotte,

I'm deeply passionate about empowering soulful women to love, understand and work with their body’s wisdom, intuition and feminine wisdom so that you can flourish as a feminine cyclical being in this modern masculine world.


As a Certified Cycle and Life Coach and Sacred Circle holder, I teach a beautiful brew of ancient and modern wisdom that inspires and empowers women like you to reclaim and befriend your body and menstrual cycle, so that you can step out of your inner masculine and find flow, spaciousness and aliveness within your inner feminine qualities.


Come home to your whole perfectly imperfect self, to ignite your creativity, natural productivity, fullest authentic potential, and powerful self-care rituals that serve YOU first, and society’s expectations second


You're Seeking...

☽ Guidance on how to tune into your body’s wisdom and intuition for greater energy, health and wellbeing. 

Connect with your inner superpowers, understand how to track your ebbing and flowing energy and sync your sacred self-care to your cyclic nature for incredible clarity, ease and creativity.

 ☽ Greater freedom, spaciousness, abundance and purpose. Learn to optimise your menstrual cycle (if you have one) and the Moon and Earth's creative cycles,

Magnetise the life you desire. Let life be fun, feel easier, and learn how to go with the tide rather than battling against it, whether you currently have a regular, irregular or no period right now. 


 Healthy boundaries that support you to feel more supported, creative, confident and in flow in your day to day life, so you can drop the guilt, expectations and exhaustion about what's not serving your body, health, and lifestyle. Let's cultivate your inner magick by channeling your creative life-force towards what matters most to you, and in turn, permit our loved ones to do the same!

☽ To feel like you're flourishing creatively because life is simpler, fun, and more fulfilling

Align your life to your values, productive rest and inspired play (the secret sauce missing from your over-packed, intense schedule I bet - I get it!) 

So the question is,

are you ready to receive this?